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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Plump Heroine's shocking Driver-MMS


Most unsuccessful heroine in Tollywood is none other Swetha Basu Prasad. After hitting the news for her arrogance and attitude problem, this plump babe is getting shocked with that 'Driver MMS'.

A gossip is doing round in Film Nagar that this short siren has an affair with her car driver. Few people claimed that they have seen an MMS of them. Though there is no authenticity in the information, this scandalous 'gossip' is getting huge attention from cine circles. Critics are saying that someone who got vexed with Swetha's behavior might have created such a gossip. Whether it looks shocking or not, it is said to be hurting our plum girl a lot. It becomes tougher for this cute-nut to survive in the industry with such kind of rumors tightened around her. Already, her career is on the edge to get collapsed at any time with the negative image she obtained in the recent past.

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