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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Upendra may direct film

Upendra may direct film
The legendary hero of Kannada cinema Upendra may soon direct his next movie. The versatile actor has been concentrating a lot on technical details of all his films and has even given valuable suggestions to directors on many occasions. The actor is currently shooting for Rajani in Bangkok and wants to direct a film before taking up London Gowda. The name of the film is yet to be decided, but it is believed that Upendra will produce and will also write the story and screenplay of the film. Some of the films directed by Upendra have become hits. A few notable ones are Sh.., Om, A. Upendra's decision to come back to direction has been welcomed by the Kannada film industry as his approach is very unique. Upendra also encourages new directors and has contributed to the industry's growth in every way.
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